Building A Successful B2B Online Marketing Strategy

Unlike B2C (Business to Consumer) digital marketing where a business aims to make a quick sale using techniques that appeal to the consumers emotions, B2B (Business to Business) marketing efforts follow a more logical, defined path with the hope of becoming a preferred supplier and generating valuable referrals for future business. In order to be […]

B2B Social Media Management Tools

After an initially slow start B2B marketers are increasingly focusing their efforts on social media channels as an important marketing tool.  Social media for B2B marketers is most often primarily seen as a distribution channel for sharing content and encouraging lead generation. The problem when it comes to investing in B2B social media marketing is […]

How To Make Order Confirmation Emails Drive Conversions

It’s assumed that if you have an ecommerce store, you’re already sending order confirmation emails (if not, fix that immediately!), but they can do so much more than just serve an administrative function. Confirmation emails give the customer reassurance that their order has gone through and will be processed soon, as well as providing proof […]

Marketing With Micro-Content

As the internet gets bigger, it’s also getting smaller. People are viewing content on mobile devices through applications that emphasize lightweight content, and their attention span is shortening to match. A lot of the time, your audience will be browsing while out and about, which means they don’t have a lot of time to sit […]

The Top Most Persuasive Types Of Web Content

From the moment the customer steps onto your page, your job is all about persuasion. Persuading them that you can offer the best deal, that you’ll deliver on what you promise, and that they should commit to purchasing from you as soon as possible. Persuasive content is one of the best ways to do this, […]

5 Great B2B Marketing Blogs

The best way to keep up with the latest B2B marketing developments and strategies is to peruse a range of different blogs regularly. Each one will have their own expertise and experience, and may have completely different views on the same subject. This allows you to get a deeper and more varied understanding of certain […]

How To Write Better B2B Marketing Copy

Top quality copy is a huge part of any online marketing strategy, and B2B marketing is no exception. Copy is how you transmit your product, service, advantages and reliability to the client you’re working with, and the quickest way that they can make assumptions about you and your business. You should think of copy as […]

Developing Good Relationships in B2B Marketing

A distinguishing feature of business-to-business marketing over business-to-consumer marketing is the importance of personal relationships. A consumer pay purchase from a large clothing retailer without ever knowing who owns it or who selected the clothes they just purchased, but when it comes to getting the clothing into the store, a series of personal relationships is […]

How To Successfully Navigate Business Change

All businesses must change – whether shifts in costs, demographics, audience, delivery, production or practices, it’s inevitable that your business will need to change in some way in order to prosper in the long term. Businesses who refuse to be open to change risk failing to maximise profits, or even being left behind entirely. This […]

The Importance of Digital B2B Marketing

Some B2B businesses are sadly lagging behind their B2C counterparts in one key area – digital marketing. Though traditional marketing techniques and practices needn’t be given up on just yet, more and more businesses are switching on to digital marketing techniques, which means you need to do the same thing if you want to form […]